A. My data are incorrect

There is a procedure for correcting your incorrect data. On the website of the platform, where your data are published (see “Consult the register“), you can click a button to report a possible error. A form will open that you must fill in to identify yourself and describe the error encountered. When you click “Send”, the form will be sent directly to the pharmaceutical or medical device company that has published the data. This company will contact you to make the necessary corrections. This procedure proceeds directly between the company and you, and not via the platform.

B. I do not want my data to be visible in the transparency register

As the publication of your personal data takes place according to a legal basis in the Sunshine Act, you cannot object to the publication of the data mentioned in the law. Companies subject to notification should therefore not have your consent to be able to publish this data in the Transparency Register. However, they must first inform you of this publication in accordance with the Law of Privacy (“Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data”). This information is often provided by a clause included in the contract you have entered into with the company subject to notification.