is a central and public platform on which premiums and benefits granted by pharmaceutical or medical devices companies to healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations and/or patient organisations are listed in a very clear and simple way. This platform is the result of autoregulation put into place by the companies in close collaboration with several associations of healthcare professionals (physicians, pharmacists, veterinaries, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, paramedics and hospital technicians), that has grown into a legal obligation.

Partner Associations of the Industry

  • the “Association Générale de l’Industrie du Médicament », which includes 130 innovatory pharmaceutical companies established in Belgium;
  • beMedTech: the “Fédération Belge de l’Industrie des Technologies Médicales », which includes 220 companies;
  • Medaxes: the « Association Belge de l’Industrie des Médicaments Génériques et Biosimilaires » which includes a dozen companies.
  • BACHI: the « Association Belge de l’Industrie de Médicaments en vente libre et des produits de santé vendus en pharmacie », which includes some thirty companies.

Participating Associations of Healthcare Professionals 

and the Ethical Healthplatform Mdeon asbl.