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Click above to access the search engine which will enable you to consult the transparency register by entering the name of a healthcare professional, a healthcare organisation, a patient association or the name of a pharmaceutical or medical devices company.

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Are you a healthcare professional, healthcare organisation or patient organisation and did you receive a premium or benefit from a pharmaceutical or medical devices company? Click above in order to obtain information relating to the processing of your data.

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Click above in order to access the Extranet-company which enables pharmaceutical or medical devices companies to notify premiums and benefits in the Transparency register.

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Annual report 2020 online

Each year Mdeon draws up an activity report on betransparent. The report of 2020 is online. Click here (French) or here (Dutch)... Read More →

Mdeon once again recognized to manage the transparency platform provided by the Sunshine Act

The Belgian Official Journal published today the Royal Decree of 8 June 2021 which designates once again the non-profit association Mdeon to carry out the... Read More →

Companies, healthcare providers, healthcare institutions and patient associations are once again fully opting for transparency – 4th publication of collaborations under the legal framework of the Sunshine Act

A total of 643 pharmaceutical and medical technology companies submitted their data for the year 2020. Together in 2020, they invested a total... Read More →

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Legislation and Privacy

Click here to consult the text of the Sunshine Act, more particularly chapter 1 of title 3 of the Law of 18 December 2016 regarding various provisions on health, Belgian official Journal 27 December 2016.

Click here to consult the text of the Royal Decree of 14 June 2017 executing the Sunshine Act, Belgian official Journal 23 June 2017

Click here to consult the text of the Royal Decree d.d. 08.06.2021 which mandates once again the Mdeon vzw-asbl to manage the platform betransparent.be.

Click here to consult the text of the Royal Decree d.d. 31.07.2017 which mandates for the first time the Mdeon vzw-asbl to manage the platform betransparent.be.

Click here to consult the royal decree of 23 December 2021 implementing articles 41, § 5, and 44, § 4 of the Act of 18 December 2016 regarding various health provisions stating that the uploads will be charged in 2022 (click here for the retributions charged in 2021).

Click here to consult the Deliberation NR nr. 46/2017 d.d. September 13th, 2017 (in French) that authorizes the companies (also the foreign one), under specific conditions, to use the national register number to identify healthcare professionals who do not have a NIHDI number or have more than one.

Click here (fr) (or here – nl) to read the report from the Security Consultant (RSM InterAudit). This report confirms that Mdeon meets the conditions set by the Privacy commission in terms of securing the IT environment.

In accordance with Article 44, §3 of the Sunshine Act, Mdeon must draw up each year a complete and detailed activity report.

Click here to consult the annual report 2017.

Click here to consult the annual report 2018.

Click here (Dutch)  or here (French) to consult the annual report 2019.

Click here (Dutch)  or here (French) to consult the annual report 2020.

Information sessions

We organise regularly an information session to explain the ins and outs of the Sunshine Act. You can choose between a physical or virtual participation.

Here is the agenda for the next virtual information sessions which take place from 10:30 to 12:30:

  • 16/12/2021: NL
  • 20/01/22: EN
  • 17/02/22: NL
  • 17/03/22: FR
  • 21/04/22: EN – Cette session a lieu exceptionnellement à 15h
  • 19/05/22: NL
  • 16/06/22: FR
  • 15/09/22: NL
  • 20/10/22: EN
  • 17/11/22: FR
  • 15/12/22: NL

Physical meetings take place in the offices of Mdeon, Belgicastraat 1, 1930 Zaventem. For virtual sessions, you will receive a participation link after registration and payment.

The participation price is € 100 per person (VAT not included).

To register, please send an email to management@betransparent.be or secretariat@mdeon.be. Registration is final after payment.

Information brochure for the beneficiaries of premiums and benefits (in French)

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